The 'At Home' Summer Shred Workout

Posted on 17/10/2016

Can't get to the gym? No worries! Here is the ultimate body weight workout to help get you lean FAST!

Workout timing: Work for 60 seconds per exercise with NO REST. Rest for 60 seconds after you complete a full round. Repeat 4 times!

Helpful hints: Do not give up! Work hard throughout all the exercises and earn your rest. It's important to work to your full potential, remember, the magic happens when we are hurting the most!

  • Burpies (aim for 8 reps)
  • BPush Ups (aim for 20 reps)
  • BSquat to Tuck Jumps (aim for 10 reps)
  • BFast Reverse Lunges (aim for 20 reps)
  • BPower Plank
  • BHigh Knee Sprinting (on the spot - aim for 60)

The 28 minute summer shred workout will have you burning more fat than you ever imagined.

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