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"I began seeing really great results about 4 weeks after starting and haven't stopped since - its just part of my daily/weekly routine!"

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Guidance & Results

The fact is, Personal Training gets results!

We provide the guidance and education that you require to improve your lifestyle habits and achieve your ultimate health and fitness goals. Our approach has proven to accelerate your results by focusing on:

A Balanced Nutrition Plan   |   Functional Resistance Training  |  Cardiovascular Training

In this order!

Achieving life long results comes from adopting a positive mindset and healthier lifestyle options. We promise to continually educate and mentor you every step of the way. Tailored programming, Semi Private Classes and Group Sessions ensure you reach your goals sooner, while enjoying your injury free journey with Taylor Made Personal Training's proven systems.

Unlimited Personal Training

Paving the way for more consistent coaching, injury prevention and a specific training focus.

Taylor Made Personal Training is setting a benchmark in the fitness industry with a spin on traditional personal and group training. Our Semi Private Personal Training sessions have a maximum of only 4 people.

We have been uniquely setup to enable you to track your results, work on problem/weak areas and prevent injury (just like traditional personal training). This new way of conducting small and intimate group training allows you to train more for less without missing out on all the benefits!

Social Exercising

More support from like minded people.

They say, in order to succeed you need to surround yourself with successful people. Our 'family' is also your support network. Meet new people, attempt new things and enjoy your training!

More Value for Money

We challenge you to find a better deal.

  • Weekly Personal Training
  • Semi-Private Personal Training
  • Unlimited SNAP Group Exercise Sessions
  • Online Support Group
  • 24/7 Access

Affordable Personal Training Memberships are now a possible with Taylor Made Personal Training.

Holistic approach

More than just your trainer.

When you join our family, we become your mentor. This means we not only teach you how to train, but how to eat for success too. With limitless inclusions in your membership, you'll be able to participate in a variety of exercise sessions. Participating in all these sessions at no extra cost is a great way to accelerate your results.


Bookings made easy

Everything is easier when you have control.

Taylor Made Personal Training makes organising your life that little bit easier. With your own user login, you can now see your training schedule, manage your account and much more. You choose when you want to train and simply book it online.

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