5 things to consider before joining a gym

Posted on 28/03/2016

If you're going to a gym and not getting the desired results you're looking for, maybe it's time to reconsider.

The fitness market is more dense than ever and it's not worth spending your money on facilities that do not make you their first priority.

A cheap gym (on paper) looks fantastic. A small financial commitment and unlimited access to train as often as you like. Take away the glamorous marketing messages and are you really getting bang for your buck?

At Taylor Made Personal Training Cronulla we hear the horror story time and time again. Members previously signing up for months and sometimes years to a 'cheaper facility'. Not only did they get zero results but they didn't even attend the facility at all.

At Taylor Made Personal Training Cronulla, all our memberships include:

  • Weekly Personal Training, weekly Semi Private Personal Training (maximum of 4 people per session) or a combination of both
  • UNLIMITED Group Sessions (like boxing, walk run groups and strength classes)
  • UNLIMITED use of our studio
  • Body composition assessments and goal setting sessions every 8 weeks
  • Nutritional support
  • Daily support from our genuinely caring staff who want to see you succeed.... Failure is not an option!

All these included services are what our members love and have helped us help countless people change their lives to a healthier, more fulfilling one.

A simple formula of boutique style facilities where everyone is seen, welcomed and assisted when needed during each and every workout.


Reason 1 - You're just a number

A common problem occurring in todays 24/7 fitness revolution. There is a gym on every corner with cheap fees and unlimited 24/7 access. A fantastic option for some, but are you getting the support you need to achieve your health and fitness goals and keep achieving for the rest of your life?

Reason 2 - You're not supported by a fitness professional during your workout

If you are unsure of the correct technique or 'way to train' to achieve your goals, then a 'bigger' gym may not be the best idea.
Consider this - You walk into a gym, there is equipment everywhere, but no-one there to show you how to use them. You walk in motivated and leave demotivated.

Reason 3 - You're not accountable to turn up to your class

Classes are great, but are you really accountable. Find a facility that limits the number of people in their classes and ensures a trainer is available to assist each and every person when needed. This ensures technique corrections, safety and motivation throughout your sessions. Oh and there must be some light hearted humour and fun throughout the session. If training is fun, it will be done!

Reason 4 - It's overcrowded and classes are full

Promises of 'unlimited this' and 'unlimited that' are great, but is there spaces available to participate? This is something you should definitely look into. How? Ask for a 2 week trial. Big gyms need thousands of members to sustain their facilities and classes of 20 - 30 people can quickly become full. Doing your due diligence before signing any dotted line can save you thousands.

Reason 5 - Talk to the owner / manager

To get a real insight into what you can expect from a fitness facility, have a chat to the owner / operator / manager of the current facility. These guys are the leaders and spread the infectious vibes to the team of trainers and members. Understanding the 'leaders' lifestyle habits, fitness goals, integrity and genuine passion for helping people achieve their health and fitness goals will keep you extremely confident you are making the right choice. A leader doing their job for the right reasons (love not money) will ooze empathy and this is definitely what you want to look for when signing up to a facility long term.

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