See how 'The Coffee Club' is achieving life long fitness and health.

Posted on 15/03/2016

Our very own 'Coffee Club' has the key to losing weight and keeping it off!

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The Coffee Club - How is this related to exercise you may ask?

I took the time to speak to Glenn, one of our long time members. I wanted to ask him a few questions about what it is that keeps him motivated, training regularly and rocking a chiseled body into his 50's. His response was not "do more cardio" or "do more exercise". Check out what he said!

How was the coffee club started?

Coffee club started simply because the Gym is above Grind and we all became friends and just started having coffee after our Semi Private PT sessions.

What is it that makes the coffee club so close?

Like minded people of a similar age group.

Does the coffee club hang out outside of the studio? Why?

Yes. We usually have breakfast after training on Saturdays as we enjoy getting together and having a post mortem after our sessions (and food!).

Why do you love training?

To keep fit and to keep my weight under control so I can enjoy a few cold ones.

What is your favourite exercise and why?

Combo exercise of bench press and superset with decline push ups, it gives a great chest pump.

What kind of exercise did you do growing up?

Rugby League and Union.

How have you transformed your health and fitness over the past few years?

With higher intensity training sessions with Taylor Made Personal Training Semi Private sessions.

What keeps you training / motivated at Taylor Made Personal Training?

Great atmosphere and the fact that every trainer knows your name.

Why don't you wan to train anywhere else?

Because I prefer a smaller gym environment as you receive more personal attention and guidance with training techniques.

What are your fitness goals for the future?

To get stronger and to train for the Kokoda Trek next year.

What is your favourite event and why?

Sporting event: Any Rugby League game involving the Dragons.
Training event: Any obstacle race.

Where is your favourite coffee spot in Cronulla?


Where is your favourite breakfast place in Cronulla?

Sea Level first, followed by the new Gerrale Street Kitchen.

What I love about Glenn's story is his balanced approach to achieving your health and fitness goals. Yes, you can go to the extreme and remove specific foods from your diet in order to achieve your goals faster, but Glenn uses a simple approach of participating in our affordable semi private personal training regularly and eating a balanced diet (with the naughty stuff like alcohol consumed in moderation).

Thank you to Glenn for inspiring us all to train consistently and enjoy life! Also, a big thank you for speaking with us today and sharing how a balanced lifestyle while surrounded by like minded people allows us to stay fit, healthy and happy (quote "even with a few cold ones").

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