Couples who train together...

Posted on 06/04/2016

They say couples who train together stay together. This may be true, but we also believe that training together builds a stronger and healthier mindset!

Meet the team who won't let anything stand in their way.

Chris and Greg have started training with us after some rehabilitation from heart surgery. Not letting anything stand in their way, this power couple are training for a real purpose and their consistency is fantastic.

You are a product of the 5 closest people you associate yourself with. Having a partner who is training with you is a great way to help achieve your health and fitness goals and these guys are proving it! If your partner isn't into training try and motivate them to give it a go.

It's so easy to justify why you shouldn't do something that is hard. The mindset of "I'll train tomorrow", "Diet starts tomorrow" or "It's only a burger, it's cheat day (again)". Justifications in your own mind that make you feel better about yourself in the short term, but do nothing to help move closer towards your goals.

Having your partner, friend or family member training with you helps you not only have fun, but train more often and stay on track outside of the gym.

Grab a friend, mum, dad, sister, brother or your partner and start motivating each other. You'll surprise yourself on how your support network helps you achieve your goals!

How a supportive partner helps you achieve your goals:

  • Removing nightly naughties (like wine or take away meals) for a training session. If you're partner is training with you, you won't have the pressure of 'skipping' a work out to stay home and eat / drink badly.
  • New leisurely activities that align with your goals. A walk along the beach, climbing a mountain or going for a bike ride all start to help you implement a healthy lifestyle. These activities are a great way to stay fit but also enjoy 'healthy' time with your partner.

If you want to succeed your partner will need to be on board. Open up to them, let them know your goals and better yet... Get them to train with you.

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