I wish I never did that workout

Posted on 03/04/2016

Alarm clock buzzing and the night sky still out. I rolled out of bed, put on my exercise gear and went to train. What happened next is remarkable!

I wish I never did that workout said no-one... EVER!

As difficult as it may seem to get out of bed sometimes, the key to consistent training and long term results is to get your feet on the ground. Skip the snooze button and roll out of bed immediately.

I got up early, went for my morning run and was thinking of how to motivate people to do the same. I realised how beautiful the mornings are and how once I was into my workout I didn't want to stop. This is possible for each and every one of us. Success starts with one single action and every successful person started as a beginner, right where you are now!

Make the choice today to change your mindset and set positive rules in your life. Get up and get moving more regularly (even if it's only one morning per week) and you will feel better, be more energised and switch to a more positive outlook on life. We only get one chance on earth to live the life we desire and every second counts. Make today the beginning of something special in your life!

Now that you're up and out training in the mornings, next time you go to train, stop and think about this post and ask yourself "Do I wish I stayed in bed instead of doing this workout?". Your answer will alway be "No".

The feeling of a great workout in unparalleled once you have broken through the initial stages of your first workout plan. Once exercise is part of your life, your goals will become smaller, easier and easier to reach than you ever though possible!

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