Train when you want, where you want!

Get the accountability and results you want by using our proven systems, online!

After over 10 years of refining our programs, nutrition and overall lifestyle coaching techniques we have developed our online training solution.

Now you can train anywhere, anytime while still ensuring you're receiving the improvements you have always wanted.

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It’s simple, just like our ordinary training, however, we communicate through phone and email so you can have the flexibility to train at home, on your lunch break or at your very own gym.

Getting started is simple, first:

  1. We send you a simple health screening questionnaire to help us get to know you.
  2. We will organise a time to speak to you over the phone.
  3. We will ask you about your goals (like how often you can exercise and how much weight you want to lose), current fitness level and current body composition (like body weight).

Once we have gathered this information, we will setup the perfect training program for you.

Amazing online features

Check out what you can do with TMPT Online!

- Track your food

- Track your personalised program

- Watch exercise videos

- Track your progress

- Message us 24/7

- Set goals with us via Skype Calls


Together we schedule your session times so you never miss a workout!

Accountability by an experienced & professional trainer

Everything you do is monitored. This gives us a complete snapshot of your training history, enabling us to assist you in achieving your goals long term!

Your own personal plan

Carbohydrate, Protein & Fat requirements!

Our holistic approach ensures your nutrition needs are met by giving you your own daily macronutrient intake to help you understand how much you will need to eat to achieve your goals.

You will learn your required macronutrient intake needed to achieve the body you desire.

Goal sessions and unlimited 24/7 support

Even though you will not train with your trainer, it will feel like you are!

We work with you to set up your training days and times follow up with you to make sure you're completing them. Accountability is all part of your program!

A REAL functioning business

We are a functioning business in Cronulla Beach NSW Australia!

We know how to change peoples lives, because we have already done it with thousands people before you!

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